Monster Night® – Thursdays

Wednesday August 1st, 2012- Outlaws Saloon

FREE Cover for All Ladies til 10:30pm!
Plus – The WiLdEsT Drink Special in Acadiana: 5-for-1 Mixed Drinks!   Its a “Monster”!!
Join the HOT Crew out here, as they Throw the Ultimate Thursday Night Party!

1-2-3-Free – Fridays

Thursday January 1st, 1970-

FRIDAYS – “Fridays: 1-2-3-Free”
$1 Well Drinks
$2 Longnecks
$3 Crown Royal – til Midnight
Free Cover for Ladies until 11:00!

Beat The Clock – Saturdays

Thursday January 1st, 1970-

It’s time to Partee with an ALL NEW Throwback Special… BEAT THE CLOCK!!
We’re going back to the days of old as you get to enjoy great drink prices the earlier you get to the club.  Mixed drinks & Longnecks start @ only .50cents!!!

Thursday January 1st, 1970-


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